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In filling out the “desired position” section of the Chilis application you have several options. The restaurant is perfect for applicants of all backgrounds as they hire workers within a wide range of skill and experience levels. Below is a list of various positions Chili’s hires for. Consider reading each description to figure out which field of work fits best for your particular background and skill set.



A restaurant’s wait staff is obviously one of the most important jobs in a restaurant. In addition to taking orders and delivering food to tables, they are responsible for making a good impression of the restaurant on the customers. It is for that reason that you as a waiter or waitress must have strong people skills. Restaurant owners know how important it is that their guests be treated politely and warmly. Apart from having strong people skills it is also important for you as a waiter or waitress to be able to be on your feet for hours at a time as well as be able to pay great attention to detail. Turn in a Chilis application for wait staff if you meet these qualifications.


Since Chili’s is a Bar and Grill they need a bar tending staff on hand. The main position in the bar is of course the bartender. As a Chili’s bartender you will be required to know how to make a variety of cocktails, be able to stand on your feet for extended periods of time, and have strong people skills. If you want to write in “bartender” on your Chilis application be sure you meet the qualifications first. This may require past experience and maybe bar tending school.


Chili’s is a restaurant so obviously they need cooks. The restaurant’s cooks are responsible for cooking and preparing the food ordered by quests. Like many of the other positions at the restaurant  you will need to be able to stand on your feet for extended periods of time. You may also be required to have past cooking experience and/or professional training.

Bus Boy

Bus boy is an entry level position with very few requirements. As a bus boy you are responsible for clearing tables and may be asked to perform various cleaning duties.


Dish washer is another entry level position.  The job description is fairly self explanatory. Duties include washing dishes.


The manager is responsible for day to day operation of the restaurant. It is a job that requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. To qualify to become a manager you will likely need past experience and/or a college education.


Corporate careers in Chili’s are high level careers that often require a college degree to be considered for. Those working these positions make big decisions and basically controll how the company is run. Visit Chili’s main career page to see which corporate positions are available.

In closing

Whichever job position you put in for on your Chilis application be sure that you meet all the qualifications. Coming up short on certain requirements will likely result in you being denied for employment.

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